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Discover tips, get new perspectives, and learn how to leverage technology from a guy who's been working with (and teaching about) computers for decades.


Dreamy, saturated electronica and downtempo tracks featuring eclectic beats, found sounds and analogue flavor.

Professional Highlights

Academic Technology Coordinator, Watkinson School

As Watkinson School’s Academic Technology Coordinator, Tom Gromak designs distance learning and traditional curriculum, manages and supports a distance learning program, teaches classes, provides professional development and training, collaborates with administrators and faculty, and manages the tech tools and infrastructure that support student learning at this groundbreaking Hartford, Connecticut independent school for students in grades 6-PG. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he has served as a GSA advisor, mentored Creative Arts and Academy Program students, coached peer-mentoring professional development groups, been elected to represent Faculty and Staff on the school’s Board of Trustees, and was selected to be a member of the 2015-16 Strategic Planning Team. Tom is grateful to have been serving the Watkinson community since 2003.

GSuite Administrator and Curriculum Developer

First selected as one of 50 educators world-wide to become part of the 2009 Google Certified Teacher cohort in Boulder, Colorado, Tom Gromak now has over twelve years of expereince helping schools and educators leverage the power of Gsuite, from both an administration and curricular perspective.

Tom has offered his services to help nonprofits with technology training and support since the 1990’s. He continues to be actively involved in volunteer work.

The Khmer Magic Music Bus

As co-founder and Vice President of a nonprofit dedicated to restoring traditional music to the people of Cambodia after the devastating destruction of the arts by the Khmer Rouge, Tom managed the initial crowdfunding campaign, designed and managed the project’s website, coordinated with team members around the globe, and worked with members of the Cambodian community in the United States.

Our Companions Animal Rescue

In addition to spending time with the cats at the Ashford Sanctuary (and adopting two of them), Tom created and manages an online volunteer visit scheduling system for Sanctuary dogs and cats, provides technology training to staff and volunteers, and consults with senior executives to support the use of their technology resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Technology Projects

Examples of technology projects Tom has designed, implemented, and managed include:
  • Rapid-response distance learning infrastructure to support students, teachers, and parents during coronavirus-related campus closings.
  • Co-created a hybrid online/in-person course to teach high school juniors how to create personal websites to use as part of their college search.
  • A distributed digital signage system that uses ultra-low cost Raspberry Pi computers, saving thousands of dollars over less flexible commercial products
  • A self-hosted Learning Management System/online courseware site
  • A successful online crowdfunding campaign that received $36,000 in thirty-five days
  • A volunteer scheduling system to coordinate hundreds of monthly visits
  • Custom WordPress installations for educational projects and nonprofit promotions
  • Educational events, including hackathons, game design showcases, and 48-hour film challenges
  • Migration of school services to GSuite for Education, saving money and enhancing student learning

Skills and Experience

Curriculum Design

Developer of standards-based technology education curriculum both as standalone classes and infused within traditional disciplines.


A long history of dependable leadership through group management, project oversight, constituent representation, student mentorship, and pioneering program development.

Content Production

Creator of a wide variety of engaging video, audio, and written content for instruction, information, promotion, and entertainment.

Group Facilitation

Trained coach for professional development groups and skilled manager of adult and student discussions online and in person.

Web Development

Producer of successful websites ranging from static HTML, CSS, and Javascript pages using modern frameworks and generators to dynamic custom WordPress and Drupal installations.

Marketing and Promotion

Accomplished record of creating effective copy and collateral materials to promote events and organizations, both online and in print.